You are worth your single hair

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Wednesday of the 34th week of ordinary time, November 27, 2019. Daniel 5, 1-6. 13-14. 16-17. 23-28; Luke 21, 12-19. Voice: brother Bernard sdb (reading) and father Peter sdb (meditation)

Our meditation today has the theme: You Are Worth Your Single Hair. The book of Daniel as our first reading today depicts the king of Belsasar and his guests who were having a party and looking up something that so scared them. They saw the words of God revealed so provocatively, that was the vision of a mysterious hand writing of God’s word on the wall (Daniel 5.5f). Then the king was very curious about the meaning of those words on the wall. He asked the young man Daniel to explain it.

The Lord also writes various kinds of His word for us on this world through the writings of His messengers. They had written the word of God on scrolls made from plant skins, which were later renewed into the scriptures we have now. The word of God, in the process of its writing, was written in an extraordinary and even rather controversial way. Furthermore, the word lives so wonderfully in those who believe, when they hear the Word very well and faithfully, then proclaim it.

Different from that occassion as the word of God on the wall that King Belsasar read, we instead have the scriptures in our room or on our tables. The bibles have occupied their places there for some times. We often do not realize when the bible was written, how it was written, how long to write it and who wrote it. A more serious and profound question is about the proper message and meaning of its passages for the one who reads it. Because many of us don’t read enough, we too don’t understand it.

If you have or like to read, you can find some messages in it. If you have been reading it so much but you remain don’t understand any, it is just a common experience for most of us. Just keep reading it. From here comes curiosity. Because if people have never or do not like to read it, of course there is no curiosity either. The king gives us an example, namely that we really need to have curiosity and ask questions about the word of God. The disciples and apostles of Jesus also always asked the Master, the message and meaning of God’s word. In these days of our holy readings, they ask about the end times and they get a firm and definite answer from Jesus.

Today Jesus’ answer is even more emphatic, namely the price of the end times for every follower of Jesus is very expensive. The price is in the form of self-sacrifice so willingly to follow the example of our great Teacher Jesus Christ. A single hair costs the same as one’s entire self. The whole self is so expensive and important to be saved. Through all forms of hardship, suffering and persecution, every part of our whole being is destined to be saved.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … Almighty God, put in everyone of us curiosity to Your every word and action. Glory to the Father … In the name of the Father …

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