Worthy offering to the Lord

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Friday of the 33rd week or ordinary time, November 22, 2019; memorial of Saint Sesilia, virgin and martyr. 1 Maccabees 4, 36-37. 52-59; Luke 19, 45-48. Voice: Sr Ernestine fma (reading) and father Peter sdb (meditation)

The theme of our meditation today is: Worthy Offering to the Lord. Today the whole Church commemorates Saint Sesilia, a martyr of the 3rd century in Rome. Today her tomb is found in the church of “Santa Cecilia” in Rome. She initially wanted to devote herself to God as a virgin, but eventually the parents chose for her an unbeliever man to be her husband, who later was baptized and embraced the Catholic Church.

This couple were then killed because of their faith in Jesus Christ. It is said that at the time of her marriage, the music played was the worldly and profane one. But Sesilia herself sang the song of love to Jesus, whom she considered her trully spouse. For this basis, until now she is revered as the patron saint of music, singers, musicians and choirs.

If we follow the stories of Saint Sesilia, we will find a life that is worthy offering to God. Since the beginning of her life as a Christian, her intention was sincere to dedicate herself as a virgin. Her marriage to an unbeliever man was eventually baptized into a Christian, this is because she wanted to offer a Christian family to God.

A marriage in the world between  a man and a woman actually describes marriage and the bond of unity between God and humans. This is a sacred act. Sesilia really reminds us that the sanctity of marriage must be supported by sacred acts such as worship, sacraments, ceremonies, feasts and expressions of love of the spouse chosen by God to carry out God’s will through marriage life.

There are so many means and instruments that are sanctified so that they can help us to purify ourselves before God. Marriage is one of them. In our first reading today, it says how Judas Maccabeus and the Jews who obeyed God, santified and dedicated the altar, and joyfully offered sacrifice to God. The house of God which was turned into a market place and tainted with shameful worldly activities, was cleansed by Jesus. This desecrated place of worship certainly cannot anymore become the instrument of sanctification.

Sacred means and instruments are not the purpose of our faith. They are very important and have roles in helping us to achieve our goal, which is to meet God and live with Him. Our important task is to cleanse it from desecration, use it according to its function, teach it to those who do not know it, add it if necessary, repair those damaged, and maintain it diligently.

Let’s pray. In the name … O good Jesus, sanctify us always whenever we pray and give thanks to God. Hail Mary … In the name …

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