All must be ready

Readings and meditation on the Word of God, the First Sunday of Advent, December 1, 2019. Isaiah 2, 1-5; Rome 13, 11-14a; Matthew 24, 37-44. Voice: brother Sevrin sdb (1st and 2nd reading), deacon Victor sdb (Gospel), and father Peter sdb (meditation)

The theme of our meditation today on the First Sunday of Advent is: All Must Be Ready. The experience of missing a flight or train has happened a lot. A friend told me, he was enjoying the excitement of playing games and downloading videos on his laptop while waiting for the transit flight. The moment was so precious to him because the internet is fast and free which is not found in the place where he has just come from. He really wanted to enjoy it to his heart’s content. But until the last call to board the plane, he did not get to hear it. Finally when he realized later, he was too late to leave. His ticket automatically expired.

He was ashamed of himself because in front of him there was a sign attached to the wall that says, “All passengers must be ready before being called to board the plane.” All of us who are healthy-minded understand about getting ready. Everyone who knows and understands about getting ready, accepts it as an obligation. The basis is there is a demand to be fulfilled. Someone who has an interest in this demand must follow and obey it. The quality required of him before carrying out that obligation is that he must be prepared. There’s no other way of not being prepared.

For matters relating to faith in God, preparation is absolute. There are a lot of God’s words and commands about preparation. God is never subject to time and place, but we humans are very determined to. Humans are very limited in their ability to adapt to different times and places. For this reason, self-preparation for adjustment to changes is absolute. The universal law for preparation applies to all people, and for believers is crucial in the fulfillment of God’s will.

As we enter the new Liturgical Year, marked by the celebration of this first Sunday of Advent, our good news is the call to prepare. We are reminded to be prepared to welcome our Lord Jesus Christ. The call to welcome is addressed to all nations and cultures of the world. We follow the source of this call that is in the holy house of God. There enthroned Jesus as the Great King. His kingdom was marked by His birth on this earth more than 2000 years ago, which we celebrate on his birthday every December 25, the Christmas day.

We all must do the preparations to welcome our King, because he always comes in accordance with the time he wants. He just wants to find us happy, longing and full of warmth to welcome Him, so that our joy becomes full and He fulfills the will of the Father.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O God of great love, may this celebration of the first Sunday of Advent make us always prepared to welcome your Son Jesus Christ our savior. Our Father who art in heaven… In the name of the Father…

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