Simpicity is a power

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Wednesday of the 25th week of ordinary time, September 25, 2019. Ezra 9, 5-9; Luke 9, 1-6. Voice: father Pras sdb (reading) and father Peter sdb (meditation)

The theme of our meditation today is: Simplicity Is A Power. When Jesus sent his disciples to serve people without adequate facilities and supporting materials, the messengers did not complain or protest. They were sure to the task which they took it with pleasure. They did it in the spirit of simplicity because of very limited resources. But this is actually a strength, a power. They needed not worry because Jesus would accompany them any moment any place.

A man with only courage, with faith that he lives out, and self-confidence, left his wife and three children in the village. He went to work in the city. His ideal is big and high, that he was willing to live simply and work hard. With that, he could raise money to support the life of his family and send his children to school. He always prays every day and asks for God’s blessing on his noble intentions. He believes that, his life, being a migrant worker and his family in the village were in God’s hands. Then God alone takes care and leads them all.

There are many inspirational statements about simplicity. Simple is beautiful. Simple is happiness. Simplicity is reinforcing. A simple life is noble etc. A Simple life is not about being poor and destitute, nor is it a matter of doing nothing or not wanting anything. A simple life is seen as beautiful, happy and noble because it is lived in humility and awareness that mistakes or failures can be corrected through forgiveness and repentance. In the presence of God, we are people with all the weaknesses and only from Him that we get strengthened and perfected, as the book of Ezra says in the first reading.

A simple life is a strength because of our main dependence on God. We fulfill our lives by carrying out our respective roles and responsibilities, as a sign of our offering to God and our loved ones. We are endowed with sufficient abilities to carry out every task and responsibility. God guarantees to meet all the needs of our lives. Our lives are under God’s control. If He does not guarantee that, He cannot grace us any confidence.

The principle of simple life as a strength is this: we live our lives in accordance with the abilities granted by God, and if we are unable to fulfill one thing or another because of certain challenges or obstacles, God will do His part for us.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … Father in heaven, we always pray, “Come thy kingdom” in order to strengthen our lives, which is in line with our abilities and also depends on your power. Our Father … In the name of the Father …

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