Caring for the trust of God

Readings and meditation on the Word of God, the 19th Sunday of Ordinary time, 11 August 2019. Wisdom 18, 6-9; Hebrew 11, 1-2. 8-19; Luke 12, 32-48. Voice: brother Noel sdb (1st reading), brother Ikky sdb (2nd reading), deacon Marsel sdb (gospel), dan father Peter sdb (meditation)

The theme of our meditation on this 19th Sunday of Ordinary time  is: Caring For The Trust of God. A missionary pastor established a school complete with the boys and girls dormitories. For the people of that area, school and boarding are new things and the first they ever see in their lives. The priest always emphasized that the students should have a spirit of gratitude. Every facility they have such us buildings, furniture, atmosphere of togetherness and everyone involved in it are gifts of God. All of them are richness entrusted by God, so they must be cared for, save-guarded and loved.

To care for a life, we humans must not be lazy, bored and carelessness. The attitudes required from us are to be active, involved, and doing the work that brings results. This is similar to what we always speak in our society about performance, integrity and creativity. These are the characters needed in offices, companies and the world of work anywhere. The salaries and reward is not given to those who are lazy, sleep all the day, and get bored quickly. Those who are active, involved and willing to do are the people who are entrusted.

In the language of the scriptures, we know the spirit of being watchfull. One must have availabilty and goodwill so that when God and fellow-men and women need for something, he or she wants and promptly to do what is to be done. People who are active and ready will always take part either in both good situation or when life is in trouble. That person is considered strong and appropriate to carry out God’s trust. Therefore, in the light of the readings of today, we are asked to care for all the trusts of God in this world. Among them are the following:

First is our life itself. You are obliged to care for and provide for yourself, brother and sisters, family, friends, community, nation and the environment. Our life is a sign of God’s trust to us. Second, God’s richness in the form of food for our bodies needs to be cared for and put in a proper management, because at any time we are obliged to provide food for the hungry and thirsty people. Jesus enables us to give our neighbors the food they basically need.

Third, money, as its role is very important in our lives, is also entrusted by God to us. What we have to do is not to make money king over us and our lives, but money is an instrument to help our lives on earth prosper. We must remember that the love of money is the root of all sins. Fourth, the power belongs to God, that we must also take care. The power of the Holy Spirit is all powers in our lives. Every relationship between us and how we put ourselves in this world, must be in the love and unity among brothers and sisters, the children of God.

Let’s pray. In the name … Almighty God, may this Sunday celebration strengthen our faith in our Father in heaven. Hail Mary … In the name …

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