We are justified by faith

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Saturday of the 28th week of ordinary time, October 19, 2019. Rome 4, 13. 16-18; Luke 12, 8-12. Voice: father Peter sdb (reading and meditation)

The theme of our meditation today is: We Are Justified by Faith. This theme is a statement of Saint Paul in our first reading passage. He affirms the foundation of our lives, and the main motivation that keeps us strong until we obtain glory in God’s plan of salvation, is faith. He contrasts this with the norm that regulates our living together that is the law. In essence, we are justified by our faith, and not by the fulfillment of the existing laws.

If so, are there two truths that guide our lives? Yes, that’s right. There are legal truths that give orders from one to another, or can also be motivated by unfair interests. If we are only obliged to submit to the truth of the law, even until death our fear and distrust of the law will not disappear.

It is fortunate for people who believe in God, who hold to the truth of faith. The truth of this faith, the focus of our attention is Jesus Christ. We are justified because of our faith in Christ. It is the fullness of all laws, as the One who speaks of Himself and who teaches us how to truly live and walk to reach perfection. Before He came to earth, many prophets and priests had prophesied about Him, as told in the Gospel of today. But the reality says that God’s command is to be understood and interpreted by experts, which later become laws. The law has limits, so that someone who violates it will face the trial in the court. Judgment of one person can be different from another. It can also be contradictory from one problem to another.

The Lord indeed came Himself and gave us faith. Returning to heaven after His resurrection from death, he continues to be with His people through the Church. So this truth of faith includes all of God’s arrangements for our lives without limits. If there are really certain members of the Church who have strayed away from the way of the Lord Jesus, this truth of faith provides mercy and compassion. Those who are guilty and already moved away are mostly welcomed back by the Lord’s merciful love, and they will rejoice because they are justified by faith.

But the fact is that we in this world have never rejected the truth of the laws that put order to our social and relational living together. Often we become disappointed and angry because of the limitations of this law enforcement in various contexts of our life. But we can always use this truth of faith in the form of strengthening our spirituality, patience, hope, and forgiveness, so that we can endure and sacrifice ourselves like Jesus Christ Himself. This is our main justification.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … In Your hands that rule our lives, O God, may we always hold the truth of our faith in Jesus Christ, Your Son and our Lord. Hail Mary full of grace … In the name of the Father …

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