We are counted by God

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Monday of the 29th week of ordinary time, October 21, 2019. Rome 4, 20-25; Luke 12, 13-21. Voice: father Peter sdb (reading) and Sister Maria Fe Silva fma (meditation)

Our meditation today has the theme: We Are Counted by God. A teenage boy was discussing on something with his mother. He questioned why he had been baptized as an infant, whereas if he has already grown up, he himself would choose to be baptized. He wanted to do his own profession of faith. But the mother explained, his choice and profession of faith were already represented by his parents.

Such a method is exactly what proclaimed by Saint Paul that through the faith of Abraham, we all share in this same faith. That is, every baptized follows and is represented, as in the case of that teenager, to take part in the work of Christ’s salvation. Being counted means that each of us is on God’s list. We are counted on that list because we follow and share in the life of Christ. This principle was practiced by Abraham, and all who are after him also have his share of faith.

The generous and almighty God wants everyone to be taken into account, have their names in the list. But being registered is not without any rules. There must be a standard of being chosen and completing requirements. The door is small and everyone must be able to pass through it. Whoever is found not dressed in a dress party for the banquet of God, he will be rejected to enjoy the kingdom of God. Those who do not deny themselves and take up their crosses are not worthy of Him. These are the standard examples that we find in the scriptures.

In other words, the condition that is imposed on us is to follow the standards of Jesus Christ. Today’s Gospel reaffirms condition according to that standard, that a person is made worthy and being counted in the plan of salvation. Our main achievement is of the spiritual growth and the salvation of our souls. The word of God and all His commands are the sources of nourishment for our spiritual growth. Then what we can establish on this earth is a life of the kingdom of God.

Although we are indeed in the world and cannot be separated from physical reality and social life, it is our spiritual dimension that must animate and direct this life. Because if there is no spiritual power that directs our lives, and if only physical-material-social orientation that lead this world, our fate on this world will be like the rich man with abundant fruits of his lands but hopeless to possess the Kingdom of God, as told by the today’s Gospel.

What use of all things, materials, reputation, titles and achievements of fame in this world, if none of these can let a person to be counted by the Lord! Precisely the account is about our souls, our spiritual life, which follows the way of Jesus Christ.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O Lord Jesus, purify our hearts that we may be able to follow the way that leads us to Your heart, and to carry out the will of the Father. Our Father in heaven … In the name of the Father …

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