Trusted much, demanded much

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Wednesday of 29th week of ordinary time, October 23, 2019. Rome 6, 12-18; Luke 12, 39-48. Voice: father Peter sdb (gospel) and sister Maria Fe Silva fma (meditation)

The theme of our meditation today is: Trusted Much, Demanded Much. A soccer coach chooses his best players for a big game. Each player is given the awareness that the choice makes them the best in their respective positions. Everyone and supporters have great hope that the players perform their roles very well. They must obey every coach’s instructions and compete the game with high motivation. The coach tells each player: each player is given a great trust, so he is required to do the best and a lot.

This illustration also reflects the proclamation of the gospel of today, especially what we read at the last part of the passage. The subject of Jesus’ teaching is still about the preparedness of the servant who in every moment of his life is obliged to follow the rhythm and will of the master. We put ourselves in this way, because we are God’s servants who want to pattern our lives like Jesus Christ, our Teacher. Each of us looks at ourselves and read carefully about our calling to follow the way and will of God. The consequence is that we are given trust and are then demanded according to that trust.

What is trust like and how is trust used in the form of actions, it is to see how important and how much demands to be fulfilled by everyone. Paul’s letter to the Romans in the first reading confirms that trust is manifested in the grace given to everyone who believes and is faithful to Christ. Every believer surrenders himself to be used by God, namely that each of them is given a gift. The real manifestation of that gift is the calling, profession, service, work and mission.

Gifts as husband and wife and parents are asked for dedication, and these demand responsibility from this important call. This demand is of course much greater than for a child. Gift of priesthood to a parish priest requires for demands to be far greater than his parishioners. The teacher bears greater demands than his students. Elder brother is required more and has greater responsibility than the younger siblings. The list for sure will be long, and for us, the realization of these demands is a guarantee for our worthiness and salvation in the Kingdom of God.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … A generous Father, strengthen us in every call and service that we make, as a way to form us to be your good servants. Glory to the Father … In the name of the Father …

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