The vigilant servant

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Tuesday of 29th week of ordinary time, October 22, 2019. Rome 5, 12. 15b. 17-19. 20b-21. Voice: father Peter sdb (gospel) and Sister Maria Fe Silva fma (meditation)

Our meditation today has the theme: The Vigilant Servant. There is a general assumption that the relationship between master and servant, or boss and subordinates is more negative than positive. There are no equal and harmonious relations. There are only relationships that are indicated by fear, reservations, extreme caution, even hatred. But a Catholic businessman once told something of the opposite. He is the boss of his company. He and hundreds of his employees have a relationship with one another that has mutual trust and they prioritize mutual respect.

There is joy, mutual support and care for another’s need among them. The presence of the boss in the midst of the employees is a blessing. When the boss is absent for some times, he will be missed by the employees. The boss, husband and wife, is already considered as the parents or elder brother and sister to them. One manifestation of the attention of this boss to all the employees is to be a solution for every problem of each employee. So the presence and intervention of the boss is very much awaited.

Those employees have the same situation with the parable of the servants who are full of joy, in vigilant, and waiting for their master to come at an unexpected time. This is a reflection of God’s people, all of us, waiting for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are sinners, but we have the joy and longing for the coming of Jesus, our savior. As we stay on goard or in vigilance, we need to be sure of the coming of the Lord that brings us complete happiness and salvation.

Saint Paul reminds us that sin entered the world because of Adam’s fell into sin. As a consequence, death also spread to everyone. But God’s love is far greater than sin and death. Where there is sin, there is greater mercy and compassion. By only one act of love, namely Jesus Christ, all sinful human beings are redeemed and brought to life again in God. Our choice is to accept and make Jesus Christ our Lord and teacher.

Our vigilance and welcoming the Lord is manifested everywhere and at any time. Those who are vigilant are those who are in great happiness for the opportunity to meet the Lord who is coming. That experience can take place in the moments of prayer, listening and proclaiming the Word, receiving the sacraments, renewal of life, spiritual guidance and of course at the time of death. We certainly don’t want that all these opportunities go away without any meaning. We just want to know that God is happy with us because we are happy through these different moments of meeting.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O merciful Father, we give You our thanks for we are justified by our faith in Jesus Christ. May Your Spirit always teach us in all Your truth. Hail Mary … In the name of the Father …

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