The secret of a helper

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Monday of the 6th week of Easter, May 27, 2019. Acts of the Apostles 16, 11-15; John 15, 26 – 16, 4a. Voice: Peter sdb (gospel and meditation)

The theme of our meditation today is: The Secret Of A Helper. Anyone of us who is a helper to the neighbors, he has all the freedom to help, do good and make sacrifice according to his abilities. Forms of help can be in big, medium or small figure. Often the helps are offered by those who do not know the concerned receivers. The givers also do not want to be known. The offerings that reach the suppose receivers can be considered as gifts. Therefore the secret a help or offering is in the helper’s hands.

A good helper is like a teenager named Berto. At school he is known as a model because he likes to help his fellow students. He is not ashamed of picking up garbages left by his friends who make dirty floor and yard. He shares his learning tools with friends who forget to bring with them. He shares his own water and food with friends who don’t have. He remains accompanying and telling stories to friends who are sick. He helps anyone, without feeling bored and tired.

A helper like Berto has motivation, intention, and belief that are typical of him. His types are different with other people. The way and quality of giving help depend much on the helper. Those who receive helps do not need to be preocupied to imagine about the form and content of help. Lydia in the first reading from the Acts offered all the logistics to Paul and his compaions. That is we call “the secret of the helper”, Lydia. Paul and Silas did not have to bother knowing all the contents of the helper’s move and plan.

This is what we mean by the secret of a helper. Do we ever know the secret of God’s will to helps us? Never. The Holy Spirit is sent by Jesus Christ who comes out of the Father for us, also with His secret. Jesus opened the card by saying that the messenger was an Advocate and Defender. Let it be God’s will to help. We have no authority to impose our desires on the Holy Spirit. What is clear is that God’s will is for our goodness and salvation.

Anyone of us who has intention, will, plan and nature to help, just be convinced that, the basic secret of a good helper is to do what is appropriate, positive, healthy and sincere of bringing goodness and salvation to those who are helped. Never do to others any evil ways and goals. It is not helpful, but it is an act of coercion that will plunge those who are helped into trouble and suffering.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O Lord Jesus, help us always to imitate yourself in helping others, and may we be open to all the teachings of your Holy Spirit. May we also follow the footsteps of  Your Mother Virgin Mary who is also for us a great helper. Hail Mary … In the name of the Father …

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