The meaning of gathering in the name of the Lord

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Wednesday of the 19th week of ordinary time, August 14, 2019; memorial of Saint Maksimilianus Maria Kolbe, priest and martyr. Deuteronomy 34, 1-12; Matthew 18, 15-20. Voice: deacon Igan sdb (gospel) and Sr. Maria Fe Silva fma (meditation)

Our meditation today has the theme: The Meaning of Gathering in the Name of the Lord. We always gather with different purposes and contexts. God helps and blesses us in our gatherings. For this, the Lord Jesus says that if two or three people gather in His name, he is present with them. Our gatherings in the name of the Lord are generally known as acts of worship.

Gathering in the name of God is of course different from any meetings like old friends meet, friends meet to gossip, playing jokes together, leisure among peers and many others. These meetings have no spiritual character or  signs of worship. These do not describe what Jesus says about gathering in His name. Moreover, a meeting with intention to do evil and create trouble, certainly does not have the criteria of a meeting in God’s name.

Gathering in the name of the Lord has some basic elements, which we always have in our lives together as believers. When we say the name of God, it is the most obvious or easiest way of worshiping the Lord. A short prayer in mentioning His holy name, for example football teams always do before the match, this is a kind of gathering in the name of God. Here God is addressed and asked for His intercession, certainly not for evil or bad purposes.

The element of gathering as an ecclesial community is a formal and authoritative form of worship. We have here liturgical rites, sacramental celebrations and various devotional expressions. The Lord comes in His power through the sacraments, or He is convoked to present and to bless these activities. One important factor that shows this type of gathering is formal and authoritative is that the minister, ordinary or extraordinary, acts in the name of Jesus Christ himself who leads our gatherings. The minister is the bridge for people and God.

The element of gathering in the form of love is the real expression of how God acts and involves through our acts of love that we do either together or personally. People gather to plan a program of empowering poor families, using the flag of the Church, this is an example of gathering in the name of the Lord. Members of the community discuss interpersonal relationships, including moment of brotherly or sisterly correction, this is also a kind of gathering in the name of God.

In essence, God is present in the gathering of believers, who involve Him as part of the life and work they do, this is the principle of gathering in the name of the Lord.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O Lord Jesus Christ, may we always carry out your will faithfully, and be always present in every moment of our lives. Glory to the Father… In the name of the Father …

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