The Holy Spirit who is Catholic

Readings and meditation on the Word of God, 6th Sunday of Easter, May 26, 2019. Acts of the Apostles 15, 1-2. 22-29; Revelation 21, 10-14. 22-23; John 14, 23-29. A happy greetings of the 6th Sunday of Easter to you all. From: brother Victor sdb (1st reading), brother Sevrin sdb (2nd reading), deacon Marsel sdb (Gospel), and father Peter sdb (meditation)

The theme of our reflection on Easter 6th Sunday is: The Holy Spirit Who Is Catholic. We need to clarify the term or name “Catholic” that we use here. The term “Catholic” here is not to put in comparation between the Roman-Catholic with the Pope as its head and other Christian denominations in the Protestant Reformation. The term “Catholic” here refers to all Christians and believers who believe in Jesus Christ.

If Christ is the principal reason for all of us as “Catholics”, then logically speaking, the Holy Spirit is also Catholic, because Jesus Himself sends His Spirit to us. The era of this world after Jesus Christ ascended into heaven is called the Age of the Holy Spirit. The work of the Holy Spirit is the continuation of the work of Jesus Christ, whose main task is to renew the whole face of the earth and make every creation belong to God.

The question is: how can we understand that the Holy Spirit makes everything belong to God, so that He is truly Catholic? To answer this question, we need to depart from the Gospel of today, which says that the Holy Spirit sent by Jesus has a role to remind us of everything Jesus has taught and said. The role to teach everything is an essential element of universality, namely the Catholic. The Holy Spirit works totally and reaches a complete result. The fullness of our lives becomes the fruit of the work of the Holy Spirit.

The early church in Jerusalem and a number of cities around it realized that under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Church truly became Catholic. The universal character of the Church as the word “Catholic” refers to  it, became the very important message of the Council of Jerusalem, with the mandate that all nations regardless of culture and backgrounds can become disciples of God and enter into the Church. Catholicism includes all people from all cultures, tribes, languages, races, religions, places and regions. In a short time, thanks to the hard work of Paul and Barnabas and a number of elected Church leaders, the face of the Catholic Church became evident in the world and in the hearts of all people.

As the Spirit of the Divine or God’s own Spirit, the role of the Holy Spirit is to sanctify this world and all that dwell in it. John’s vision in the Book of Revelation shows that the fullness of God’s grace, or holiness for all, is like a holy city, Jerusalem, came down from heaven and established on this earth. We are Catholics, so we need to always be in the light of the Holy Spirit and always radiate that light.

Let’s pray. In the name … O Lord Jesus Christ, may Your Spirit always be the light and power to renew the whole face of the earth, and make it a holy city for all. Our Father … In the name …

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