Sharing the Holy Spirit

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Wednesday of the 7th week Easter, June 5, 2019; memorial of Saint Boniface, bishop and martyr. Acts of the Apostles 20, 28-38; John 17, 11b-19. Suara: Peter sdb (Gospel) and Marivic FMA (meditation)

Our meditation today has the theme: Sharing The Holy Spirit. The expression of “sharing the Holy Spirit” here means that after receiving the outpouring and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, the person who receives it has the mission to share the gift of the Holy Spirit to others.

He shares the Holy Spirit in line with the mission he is entrusted. For example, as parents bring the Holy Spirit into a family, the father and mother show their mutual and lasting love in their marriage life, and therefore, they give positive effect on the whole family. Everyone wants to contribute what is good and positive so that joy and peace grow in the family. One is a God’s gift to another. 

We have an example from the two readings today. Jesus strengthened the apostles and disciples, that their lives without His physical presence were actually the lives under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They must had experienced many challenges and difficulties, especially the threat of enemies from various directions. But the fullness of the Holy Spirit in Jesus is all shared with them. Likewise, Paul, who was going to leave the Ephesian church he had cared for three years. He guaranteed that the Holy Spirit fully strengthened and guided them.

Why should we share the Holy Spirit? There are several importants reasons. First, because God has shared from Himself. He who is pure and most holy in heaven, wants to share His life with humans in the form of the Son of God becoming Jesus of Nazareth; then Jesus Himself sent His Spirit to us. God has shared Himself, then we must also share from ourselves.

Second, the Holy Spirit moves and acts. He moved every person in the Early Church and then animated all their activities so that they did not stay silent or hid themselves from different kinds of opposition. Each of them moved and exited in every corner of the world to testify about Jesus Christ. We also need to do so, especially sharing testimonies about Jesus Christ to others.

Third, the Church is inclusive and obeys Jesus’ command to make the whole nations His disciples. Thus, there is no other right way except to move every follower of Christ to share the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which are to convey all kindness, joy and truth to the whole world. Sharing with others in the unity of Jesus Christ is a law that not to be neglected and not to be undermined. It is basically the responsibility of every follower of Chirst as member of the holy Church.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O Jesus Christ, in the moments of waiting the coming of the Holy Spirit, we put our faith in you with all our hearts, so that through the fullness of the Holy Spirit we share it with those around us. Our Father … In the name of the Father …

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