Quantity is important, but not the only one

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Wednesday of the 6th week of Easter, 29 May 2019. Acts 17, 15. 22 – 18, 1; John 16. 12-15. Voice: Peter sdb (Gospel reading) and Sr Maria Fe FMA (meditation)

The theme of our meditation today is: Quantity Is Important, But Not The Only One. Another expression for this sentence is we are not after quantity only but what also important we pursue in life is the quality.

This can be applied in any context, including in the story of the Gospel announcement carried out by Paul and his companions in Athens, in the Aeropagus arena. People of that place who believed in the gods rejected all of Paul’s teachings about Jesus Christ. Only one or two did believe. It was the least achievement obtained in terms of numbers of those who came to believe in Jesus, compared to a number of other areas that he had visited.

If what pursued was mainly the numbers or as many new followers as possible, the result achieved at Aeropagus must be very disappointing. But Paul and companions were aware that this was God’s work, everything was up to God. Let His will happened. As a proof, with only one or two being baptized, the Early Church grew rapidly and overcame all the obstacles throughout history, until our time now as the Church exists for us all.

In God there is no rivalry or calculation of profit and loss in quantity and quality. For God, there are men and women who believe, follow Him and live their faith with quality. Our real numbers today  in the Church are the realization of Jesus’ choice of us from this world. We want to grow to be qualified as followers of Christ as all truth is taught to us by the Holy Spirit. So we are all blessed.

Two human tendencies to pursue quantity and quality often bring about problems in life. Those who pursue only numbers can be more oriented to material ambitions and physical, social or worldly success. Those who pursue quality alone can be more inclined to be elite, exclusive, irrelevant and unrealistic. So the best way is balance, that is, quality for the quantity that we have.

For example, our presence in the community or family is lacking in numbers, but the exsisting numbers are in high quality so as to give good influence on others. The fruits of our labors are many, but their qualities are badly needed in providing well-being to all people concerned and some to be contributed to the needy ones. He is thin, but healthy. Her body is fat and big, but is ready to work and do sacrifices. Her brain is very slow to grasp, but she is very responsible. Our common challenge  in this sense is to have balance in quality and quantity.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O generous Lord, through the guidance of Your Spirit, may we become wise persons in keeping balance of quantity and quality of our lives. May we become your sons and daughters always pleasing to you. Glory to the Father … In the name of the Father …

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