Please just shout to the Lord

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Wednesday of the 18th week of ordinary time, August 7, 2019. Numbers 13, 1-2a. 25 – 14, 1. 26-29. 34-35; Matthew 15, 21-28. Voice: deacon Igan sdb (gospel) and Sister Marivic FMA (meditation)

The theme of our meditation today is: Please Just Shout To The Lord. Someone once told about her routine coming to church in the morning around nine and ten. The atmosphere of the church is always quiet at this time. She comes when there are personal or family problems that cause her life so shaken. From the church entrance, she shouted: My Loving Goooood, I’m coming. Please help me ….

She knelt before the tabernacle and began to pray. She cried while praying. Every now and then she shouted: Lord, listen to me, help me …. The parish priest heard a shout from inside the church. On her going out of the church, the woman met the Priest at the front door. They spoke for sometimes. She mentioned the purpose of her regular church visits, and asked for permission to shout to God. The priest said that because the church was quiet: Please just shout to the Lord.

God has always been the terminal of our complains and shouts, both in the forms of call from the hearts and in a normal or loud voice. We can imagine, so many people in this world with their various problems, shouting for help, how can God hear everything and grant one by one His answers? Only God knows the answer.

But the fact that we are always complaining, calling and shouting to where He is, or weeping and pleading Him deeply. This actually shows our inevitable form of dependency. The Israelites cried and screamed all the time of their wandering in the wilderness. Today the first reading tells us that when knew that the inhabitants of the land of Canaan, to where the chosen people finally destined, looked so frightening, Israel as a nation wept in sadness and cried out to God for help.

Today we are also told by the Gospel reading , that through her cry for help, the non-Jewish woman finds Jesus Christ’s help: her faith in Jesus helps healing her child from the control of evil spirit. It’s really true, shouting for help from God is important and urgent. It is as urgent as complaining and asking for help from a child to his father. Natural disasters, fires, accidents, illness, hunger are examples of urgent needs around us, in addition to many other similar problems. As children of God, we should not hold back and be passive either to ask for help, or open ourselves to give help. Don’t keep your shouts for help hidden and let the shouts of others just go by unheard.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … God almighty, fill our hearts and minds with graces of generosity so that we can heed all forms of shouts and requests for every help. Strengthen us always with Your blessings for this generosity. Glory to the Father … In the name of the Father …

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