Our justification from the Lord

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Friday of the 7th week of Easter, June 7, 2019. Acts of the Apostles 25, 13-21; John 21, 15-19. Voice: Peter sdb (Gospel) and Marivic FMA (meditation)

The theme of our meditation today is: Our Justification From The Lord. This expression: “Our justification from the Lord” means an act of God that justifies and strengthens our dignity as sons and daughters, which means separating us from the evil and worldly powers that want to keep us away from Him.

The most obvious example is Saint Paul’s trial before worldly rulers on the basis of the faith that he professed and taught. Jesus Christ experienced the same when He was confronted with Pontius Pilate. There, the justification from God is very evident. It reveals both through words and actions so that on the one hand stands the truth of God which confronts the truth of this world on the other hand. The climax is clear, the truth of God must break away from this world to return to its owner, namely God himself. This is done through a death in this world, in order to have a new life in the hereafter.

Paul’s trial is related to the evangelization of the Early Church, while there is also a trial that Peter experienced when he was “judged” specifically by Jesus himself. The term “judged” by Jesus is intended to put someone right and honest before God. Peter was interrogated about his sincerity, faith and commitment to follow Christ. Peter was famous for talking without thinking, so he was often mistaken and misunderstood. With that trial Peter could arrive at his commitment along with his appointment to become the leader of the Church.

Justification through a court, whether by an instrument of the state law enforcement either by God himself, must obey one of the fundamental conditions which is objectivity. People’s consciences, society and public opinion help to shape an objectivity. Whereas if justification comes only from one or two people, who clearly oppose the consciences of many people, it must be against the truth.

The voice and the will of God are manifested through shared opinion in the Church facilitated by its leaders. Through words and acts of the Church leaders, the justification of our faith and its implementation in life are achieved. For example, if you get absolution in the sacrament of reconciliation through the ministry of the Church in the hands of the confessor, you are justified and youself are in the guidance of that justification. God justifies us in this world through legitimate instruments, and one that is most important is the Church.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O most loving God, increase our courage and strength that we may be able to deal with various kinds of difficulties and evil influences, so we may obtain Your justification and try to live it through words and deeds throughout our lives. Glory to the Father … In the name of the Father …

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