New life across the Jordan

Reading and meditation on the Word on God, Thursday of the 19th week of ordinary time, August 15, 2019. Joshua 3, 7-10a. 11. 13-17; Matthew 18, 21 – 19.1. Voice: father Peter sdb (gospel) and Sr. Maria Fe Silva fma (meditation

The theme of our meditation today is: New Life Across the Jordan. In the liturgical calendar, today is the solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady. But for pastoral reasons, in some parts of the Catholic Church, this great day is celebrated on Sunday. The Indonesian Catholic Church celebrates it later on Sunday, the next three days. Our Blessed Mother is a great figure who brings salvation history into a new period, which we generally call the New Testament.

According to both readings of today, “across the Jordan River” is a period of new life that had been provided by God for those who managed to cross the river, where the water can sink them away and endanger their lives. This scene reminds us of the liberation of the chosen People when the red sea was split and they escaped from the pursuit of Egyptian extermination troops. Joshua, Moses’ younger successor, succeeded in leading his people through the Jordan and achieving freedom beyond the Jordan.

When teaching His disciples about forgiveness, the Lord Jesus wants to lead us to break away from the habit of not really forgiving or not forgiving sincerely. In general, people cannot or do not want to forgive because they are still hurt, angry and revenge. In order to truly forgive, one must pass through the “Jordan”, that is, the burden of lacking good will or not being able to forgive, so that after reaching the other side, he becomes a new person who always forgives.

Jesus teaches this with authority. He brings all who follow Him to live a new life beyond the Jordan. A husband got a serious conflict with his wife. The most important factor is because after he retired earlier from where he worked, the family’s economy began to falter. The wife was always angry and even insulted him, because he no longer had the ability to support the family. Anger then caused the husband’s heartattack then he became seriously ill.

His three children who just started working, finally became the solution. Each of them was committed to overcoming the economic situation of his parents. They together with their mother worked as a family to care for and got the best medical treatment for the father. During moments of cooperation and a sense of responsibility being done together to overcome difficulties in the family, they all felt how the burden of life was left behind. There is a new life. They were already across the Jordan. May we all strive to pass through the Jordan and enjoy new life across the Jordan in our daily lives.

Let’s pray. In the name … O genuine and dearest Father, we pray and ask that you hold us when we fall because of the burden of life that supresses us. Our Father … In the name …

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