Necessary intervention

Readings and meditation on the Word of God, Saturday of the 7th week of Easter, 8 June 2019. Acts of the Apostles 28. 16-20. 30-31; John 21, 20-25. Voice: Peter sdb (Gospel) and Marivic FMA (meditation)

Our meditation today has the theme: Necessary Intervention. With this statement we want to express an appropriate and correct intervention. We can also be reminded that if one is not inclined to interfere then he doesn’t need to do so. If you feel obliged to intervene in another’s matter, just do it anyway. The Holy Spirit who moves us at the right time, will allow us to intervene in the affairs of others or of common things, but at other moments He will prevent us from doing so.

Many people often share their experiences, especially about personal life and the journey of their faith, with the help of daily meditation through this La Porta media. All gave their appreciation and gratitude because this spiritual sharing has a role in intervening their personal lives. A devout listener once wrote a message like this: “Father, I feel my life every day is disturbed by the pouring out of God’s word. I felt reprimanded, but at the same time I am consoled, calm, and directed towards the wisdom of God.”

This is an example of doing intervention in the proper and right moment. For the apostle Peter, it seems he was reprimanded by Jesus because he intervened with the affairs of other disciple who was loved by the Lord. He also intervened Jesus’ own affairs. According to Jesus, Peter must take care of his matters before being busy with the matters of others. In other words, there are always moments that are not right to intervene. This also happened with the interest of Roman authority and the diputes of Jewish religious leaders reagarding the sufferings and trials of Paul while he was in Rome.

Our intervention with the matters of others is basically unavoidable. That’s part of giving attention to them. But in order to be a very positive act and as a service, we should be able to avoid the two extremes that make an intervention wrong and negative on ourselves and others.

The first extreme is about the unnecessary, or precisely, excessive and improper time and place intervention. To a person who is stressful and sad, we actually involve him in a discussion of something that makes him more confused and depressed. The second is not doing anything or not at all intervening. A friend regretted that he could not help his friend, when in fact he could provide his help, and as a result the friend suffered a more severe accident. So, by avoiding these two extremes there is only one choice, namely the action of intervention that is needed, at the right time and place, according to one’s need or interest.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … Listen to our prayers, o Lord, as we beg for our mutual cooperation of individuals and communities or the society that really aims to improve our quality of life according to Your will. Our Father … In the name of the Father …

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