May they become one

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Thursday of the 7th week of Easter, June 6, 2019. Acts of the Apostles 22, 30. 23, 6-11; John 17, 20-26. Voice: Peter sdb (Gospel) and Marivic FMA (meditation)

The theme of our reflection today is: May They Become One. This sentence comes from Jesus Himself, that is when He prayed for the apostles, the disciples and all of His followers, at the moment of the last supper. The focus of a prayer of this type continues to inspire all our prayers with the intentions for communion and unity among us.

This communion is the fundamental nature of God’s existence, namely the Trinity. Based on this, Jesus then prayed that all of his followers will finally arrive at this goal. But there is one simple question: why does Jesus not reveal: “They must become one”, but instead he says: “May they become one”?

The most obvious reason is that God gives freedom to every human being to choose communion or division and disintegration. This is the same as the human freedom to choose to obey God or disobey Him. In this world the battle field and struggle of life will determine whether one really follows God or otherwise chooses another path to oppose Him. Every human being is blessed with freedom and intelligence to choose the path to salvation.

Another reason that we may not realize is that preparation is always an important element in the pilgrimage of our faith in the world. The prayer of Jesus that we may unite in the world is an encouragement so that we can prepare a strong and dignified unity as sons and daughters of God. This preparation is like an increase of our passion to long for eternal communion in heaven. Therefore to each one of us: never ignore nor play and underestimate any kind of unity of God’s children in the world and rather think only the future communion in heaven. God does not please with this type of belief.

The next reason that maybe the highest one is that God is the only one God, and He dwells forever in heaven. To get there we have to go through a long journey and process. There is no magic game or highly-expressed transportation to get there. If there is no need of a process, the we need only one miracle to bring all of us together into heaven. This is not the way of God. God allows us to follow the process, and so we use the prayer “May we become one”.

In all our efforts, we humans hope that we can achieve the goal of communion with God. God does not want to eliminate the element of hope in us by using the word “must”. Hope is very important for us humans. All our prayers clearly use the words “hopefully” or “may” and “will” or “later”, because it is a concrete sign of our hope.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O God Almighty, unity in You is our ultimate hope, may the Holy Spirit sent by Your Son Jesus Christ unite us in this world in all our ways and situations as our preparation to enjoy eternal communion in heaven. Hail Mary … In the name of the Father …

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