Hope to see

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Monday of the 33rd week of ordinary time, November 18, 2019. 1 Maccabees 1, 10-15. 41-43. 54-57. 62-64; Luke 18, 35-43. Voice: Sr Ernestina fma (reading) and Sr Ana Maria SPC (meditation)

Our meditation today has the theme: Hope to See. There is a story in the old testament, about a number of Israelites choosing to put to the king Antiochus Epiphanes their faith, in terms of worshiping the gods of the Gentiles. As a result, they built a sport arena in Jerusalem and many temples in the midst of their very religious traditions.

But their actions were opposed by other fellow Jews who persisted strongly in their faith in the God of their ancestors. These believers see God very clearly. While those who turn to worship idols have their eyes closed that they are not able to see and worship the true God. This is the content of our first reading taken from the first book of Maccabees.

This situation is also described in the Gospel of today. People who are very worldly in nature want to prevent the meeting of the blind man with Jesus, that he may find healing and can see. Meanwhile the blind man has faith. He sees and calls on God. Our lives are also divided between the eyes of pure faith so that we can see clearly and the eyes of the world that are blurred and even blind, so people cannot see the mystery of God’s glory.

Those who are consistent and faithful in their faith are considered to have visions of faith that are clear, real and bright. This vision creates a belief or trust. These eyes of faith shape the life of a believer, that even though he is in difficult moments, threatened and persecuted, it is his belief that maintains his life. As they see and experience disaster, murder, hunger, sickness and neglect, they will respond to it with the attitude of true believers, the sons and daughters of God.

But maybe many of us have difficulty seeing with the eyes of faith. Maybe we who hear this meditation are not the same with those who worship idols, or who renounce faith and who are hostile to the believers. But it could be, in the midst of difficulties or suffering both spiritually and physically, there are people who are unable to face them with an attitude of faith. Maybe people immediately think negatively, or see it only in terms of worldly, physical, or material perspectives. As a result, their souls become fragile and easily give up. But if their souls are strong, their faith is firm, their vision of faith is clear, they will still rely on God all aspects of their lives. So the prayer that we suppose to say is: O Lord, I hope I can see.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … Father of wisdom, may we be able to see with the eyes of faith all the facts of life, especially the adversities and sufferings. Hail Mary … In the name of the Father …

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