Hardness of heart

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Friday of the 19th week of ordinary, time August 16, 2019. Joshua 24, 1-13; Matthew 19, 3-12. Voice: pastor Igan sdb (gospel) and sister Maria Fe Silva fma (meditation)

The theme for our meditation today is: Hardness of Heart. Infidelity is seen as the most frightening enemy of a husband and his wife as the valid and sacred couple. A young man and woman who are in their intimate relationship also view infidelity as a scary ghost who threatens their beautiful days together. They have an ideal desire, that even the slightest sign and a small act of infidelity must not exist. They are very resistant when one or each of them has another choice.

In broad sense, infidelity can be seen as a change of choice illegally or that does not respect the due process and good manners. A priest or religious person is considered lying and unfaithful because he lives in a style which not showing him as a priest or religious. A businessman secretly negotiates with certain investor without first discussing it with his business partners, he is certainly considered having an affair which is illegal. In friendship, the act of moving out or change to another group wothout saying goodbyes or telling nicely, is also seen as having an affair.

Moses said in the scriptures that the main cause of infidelity is the hardness of the heart. Hardness is the same as disobedience, disloyalty, stubbornness, indulgence, arrogant, and having worldly spirit. This became part of Joshua’s advice when he was about to die, that obedience and loyalty to God is absolute, so that people will be saved and live peacefully with God. Whereas, if there is only hardness of heart, disaster will be the answer.

The hardness of the heart can be fought and overcome with some helpful ways, as remarked in today’s readings. The Book of Joshua speaks of the spirit to live with our good and noble memories. We have memoriaof life history that includes people who are our examples and who have sacrificed their lives for us. There are past experiences that really educate and help us to progress and develop. We should make them alive in order to prevent us from being inclined to hardness of heart and brings us into the sin of infidelity.

We are also asked to hold firmly to our originality or authenticity which is as God’s creation, with the most essential gift to each one of us that is to determine our choices with freedom. With this freedom, a person must be respected for his life partner’s choice, likewise if he does not choose a life partner based on a strong and acceptable reason. The freedom to make this choice is limited by the demands of obedience and loyalty from the one who has already the choice. This is very important to be fulfilled so that the infidelity can be prevented and eliminated.

Let’s pray. In the name of  the Father… Lord Jesus, strengthen our choice of heart in all of your teachings about faithfulness. Hail Mary … In the name  of the Father…

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