God’s will happens

Readings and meditation on the Word of God, the 29th Sunday of rrdinary time, October 20, 2019. Exodus 17, 8-13; 2 Timothy 3, 14 – 4, 2; Luke 18, 1-8. Voice: brother Sevrin sdb (1st reading), brother Franco sdb (2nd reading), deacon Victor sdb (Gospel), and father Peter sdb (meditation)

The theme of our meditation on this 29th Sunday of ordinary time is: God’s Will Happens. The means by which we are always in contact with God is prayer. Our prayers are always in the form of activities such as saying or expressing words, singing praises, doing meditation or contemplation, writing expressions of the heart, and doing certain body movements.

Our prayers are always directed to God. To God all our prayers designated, and there is no further destination or place for those prayers to remain but only in God. A mother explains to her child, that in God there is a place that is so vast and will never be full, even from the beginning until now everyone sends prayers and requests from the world. Day and night and every time we pray, but we have never heard or read from the scriptures that the storehouse in heaven is full and can not afford anymore to load our prayers.

When we pray, that’s when our prayers reach God. St. Bernard, in his reflection and prayer, believes very strongly that our prayers reach directly to God. There are no obstacles or a long and complicated journey so that our prayers are delayed or lost its way to God. What then always becomes our problem is whether our prayers are answered in accordance with what we want or not.

Usually what we want is the granted moment we want and the form of help we want. The temptation that always threatens us is when our desires and requests are not yet or not fulfilled. With such a strong hold on our own will, this is precisely where our main weaknesses stand. This means that we lose sight of another side of our true attitude in prayer, which is depending on God’s will.

So the important message for us is: we express our own desires and requests through prayers, but we leave it to God who wishes to make it happen. Our job is to pray and keep praying. Even though our insistence in prayer often does not stop and never gives up, that is part of our duty. God’s job is to listen and answer. Whether sooner or later His answer will be according to what we ask, it is the will of God that happens.

We are taught to believe that God’s goodness and mercy to answer our prayers is the truth. God never lies and never fails in His fidelity and loyalty. Saint Paul’s advice is to be our guide: you must hold on to the truth that you have received and you believe.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O Father, may this Sunday celebration strengthen our faith in You. Hail Mary … In the name of the Father …

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