God determines

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Wednesday of 27th week of ordinary time, October 9, 2019. Jonah 4, 1-11; Luke 11, 1-4. Voice: father Minggus sdb (reading) and father Peter sdb (meditation)

Our meditation today has the theme: God Determines. This phrase is taken from the book of the prophet Jonah in today’s first reading. Jonah in his struggle to obey God’s will believed that the city of Nineveh would perish and disappear. But God’s will is different from Jonah’s belief. Jonah’s demands expressed as anger towards God, because he was tired and fed up with all the determinations of God. All that happened are beyond his comprehension. By God’s determination and providence, the city of Nineveh and its inhabitants were forgiven.

Every expression of mind and heart, for instance anger as happened to Jonah who wanted that God could heed his anger, is always channeled out through an instrument which we call prayer. We pray to express various purposes and interests, asking that the Lord can please to grant us the answer. Different person different intention and purpose of prayer. Some express it in anger like Jonah because their wishes are not realized; some are full with hope, others pray with remorse or regret, and others ask for forgiveness. There are indeed many.

The Lord Jesus teaches us to pray for what will happen according to God’s will. God has all the powers to determine what will happen to us, but we do not have any power to influence His will. God has power to determine and to provide, and we human must have power to obey or to follow. We can only ask, hope and beg in prayers. What God has determined for us, we simply accept is with faith.

It is God’s nature to express His will, and it’s our nature to accept and obey though not always easy to do. Nothing is impossible for God to do His will. Often we find it difficut to accept God’s will because we are not always ready to face the reality that God wants. This will cause our disappointment and anger to God. Apparently the apostles encountered the similar situation. So they asked Jesus to provide them solution. Then Jesus taught them His own prayer, which is the prayer of Our Father. In this prayer Jesus prays with us, so we don’t need to be disappointed or angry. We ask that the will of the Father be done, that what is and happens to us is God’s determination.

God determines everything in our lives for the glory of His name, for the coming of His kingdom into the world that our life is under His control, for the food and drink always available to nourish us, for the gift of forgiveness that brings us joy and peace, for our deliverance from all powers of evil, and for our faithfulness as beloved children of the Father. We are very fortunate to be able to pray the prayer of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O Lord Jesus Christ, help us to understand and accept every will of the Father that happens to us. Our Father … In the name of the Father …

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