Embracing the glory of God

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Tuesday of the 7th week of Easter, June 4, 2019. Acts of the Apostoles 20, 17-27; John 17, 1-11a. Voice: Peter sdb (reading and meditation)

The theme of our reflection today is: Embrace The Glory Of God. Jesus has explained so much about the Holy Spirit who teaches everything about Him to us, including about the cross and suffering. If we as His followers love and accept the cross that God has given us, we must be very loved and blessed by the Holy Spirit.

As a proof, Paul felt that suffering and the cross had become his daily food. The Holy Spirit strengthened and comforted him to accept it with pleasure, and he enjoyed it to the end. To endure to the end with this cross, Jesus makes it the greatest challenge for His followers. There are people who are ready for it like Paul, but far more are not yet or even not ready. So He prays for them so that they do not need to worry about all kinds of suffering and the cross. Blessed are we who are prayed for by the Lord Jesus Christ!

His prayer for us and His promise of the Holy Spirit that helps us to carry our crosses, aim to make us always like the cross, embrace it, and carry it. Before carrying the cross, we must embrace first. That means we want, we like and we accept it. If we embrace something or someone, that means we love, also we are careful to keep it from falling. We try to make sure that the cross does not fall from us and can even move to another person.

This means we embrace the glory of God. The cross signifies victory and glory for us, which is achieved by overcoming error and sin. What does embracing God’s glory mean? First, because Jesus Himself reveals that glory to us, especially when He prays for us. Second, Jesus offers an abundance of blessings without limit and this describes a form God’s glory. The glory of the Lord refers to His abundant mercy and kindness.

Third, by embracing the glory of God through His cross, we are certain to know God personally. In principle, if we can get to know someone about his situation that is most difficult, then we come to know him deeply and personally. With the cross of Jesus, we can know many people who are suffering around us because of the various problems. Fourth, the glory of our Lord is also experienced through the fellowship of love that endures to the end, precisely when love is expressed in serving those who suffer. The cross signifies the unity of Jesus Christ with the sinful and suffering human beings. Let us prepare ourselves for the Solemnity of the Pentecost by embracing the glory of God.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O Good and loving God, help us to always choose for Your glory in all our efforts and duties. May we faithfully carry our cross in all times. Hail Mary … In the name of the Father …

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