Call to endure

Readings and meditation on the Word of God, the 33rd Sunday of ordinary time, November 17, 2019. Malachi 4, 1-2a; 2 Thesalonians 3, 7-12; Luke 21, 5-19. Voice: brother Sevrin sdb (1st reading), brother Linus sdb (2nd reading), deacon Victor sdb (gospel) and father Peter sdb (meditation)

The theme of our meditation today is: Call to Endure. There was a big fight going on in the family. It started from a misunderstanding of husband and wife. Because each did not accept one another, one threatened the other to get out of the house. The husband prepared to get out of the house. But at the same time, the wife was also preparing to leave. All three children cried and tried their best to stop their parents’ wishes to leave the house. They tried to prevent this frightening act they most want not to happen. The eldest son accompanied by his two younger siblings stood at the door to prevent the father or mother from leaving the house.

Because of the forceful efforts of the three children, finally their parents canceled the desire to get out of the house. This happening in this family actually illustrates two important things that determine the fate of the family: escape from problems or endure to face and overcome them. The choice made indicates one’s human quality and spiritual strength.

There are so many problems and difficulties we face in this life. Today’s Gospel illustrates a number of big, complicated and very frightening problems. These two choices always challenge us to choose the best. For the best option, Jesus Christ commands us to choose to endure. He himself does give us a perfect example, namely Himself who endured to the end of His life, at the moment on the cross as He cried out before his last breath: “It’s finished”.

The Lord Jesus really asks us to endure, whatever the circumstances, at any time. Our goal to endure is that we may be saved in the hands of God. There are several supporting facilities that help us to endure. First is the promise of the coming of the Lord on the day already determined. If there is promise as the truth to hold, the fact that the promise itself made by the Lord himself, as sated by the the book of Wisdom, people certainly have reason to stay and to endure. Second, according to the responsorial psalms of today, the realization of the promise is very important. Everyone is certain about his destiny, which is determined by the final judgment whether or not someone is worthy of entering the kingdom of heaven.

Third is the ability to use the time during the periode of endurance, with the attitudes a calmness, patience, and keep working to solve the problems we face. Maybe the problem is about the many around us who are jobless, insufficiency of people’s basic needs and other life problems. In this period of endurace, we must be able to work for the salvation that the Lord Jesus Christ has promised us. To endure in emptiness is a sort of foolishness.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O good Father, may this Sunday celebration fill us with ability and enthusiasm to endure in life. Glory to the Father … In the name of the Father…

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