Animus facit nobilem

Readings and meditation on the Word of God, the 20th Sunday of ordinary time, 18 August 2019; the Solemnity of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven. Revelation 11, 19a. 12, 1-6a. 10ab; 1Corinthians 15, 20-26; Luke 1, 39-56. Voice: brother Linus sdb (1st reading), brother Franco sdb (2nd reading) and father Peter sdb (gospel and meditation)

The theme of our meditation on this solemnity of Our Lady taken into heaven is: Animus Facit Nobilem. This Latin expression means: the Spirit makes it great. I remember a lot of events that make us feel amazed or surprised. For example a boy from village who was very poor, started a business from a very humble beginning, and after 30 years of all struggles, he later became the richest man in his country.

A child was quiet, shy and had never been cared for by those around him. After about 30 years passed, he became a bishop, and those who never had attention of him during his childhood have to pay respect and kiss his sacred ring. So many events like this allow us to ask: what is the most important factor in the changing of all this? Like this solemnity of Virgin Mary, we also ask the same question: what reason that can make this humble Woman taken to heaven?

The main answer should be the Spirit of God who makes all things happen. The Holy Spirit makes them great. Other reasons can be also valid such as luck, a tireless and patient struggle, or helps from other people. But if we have confidene that the power of God through His Spirit is at work, even though it is hidden or out of our awareness, we actually have a concept of faith that is truly valid.

The song of joy or magnificat by the Virgin Mary when visiting her sister Elisabeth, shows a very clear sign that she herself is made great by God. God’s will takes place according to His power and provindence. So Mary’s presence in the world had been made special, which is conceived without any influence of original sin. She then became the door for incarnation, the Mother of God, and finally gave birth to the Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth. All the stories about her are about very special deeds of God to her, really made her big and mostly respected among men. Until this moment, Our Lady is still special to us because the Holy Spirit makes her great, and this grace has never been lost from her. In fact in the prayer of “Hail Mary”, we always say this about her.

If Our Lady wants to give us one or two pieces of advices, especially when we celebrate her solemnity today, we can ask her to teach us to be great before God, and according to what God wants. Mary can not be separated from the Lord Jesus, her Son, so she must advise us to always obey our Lord Jesus Christ. Obedience is to follow His ways, namely the way of the cross, His truth, namely the truth of the cross, and His life, namely the cross of life.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O Lord Jesus, teach us to always be close and with Your Mother Mary in the way of Your cross. Glory … In the name of the Father …

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