A happy celebration of the Lord’s day

Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Saturday of the 22nd week of ordinary time, September 7, 2019. Colossians 1, 21-13; Luke 6, 1-5. Voice: father Andang sdb (reading) and sister Maria Fe Silva fma (meditation)

The theme for our meditation today is: A Happy Celebration of the Lord’s Day. As we fulfill God’s command: “Keep the day of the Lord”, we intend to remember and celebrate the goodness of God and His work that creates and redeems us. We have one day devoted to praising God, His work of creation, and His acts of salvation toward us. We call it Sunday. Our main activity is the worship we do in the celebration of the holy Eucharist. Routine and ordinary works are stopped and we spend most of the time to worship God, rest, recreation and refreshment.

 Here the spirit of celebrating the Lord’s day must be given the importance. Its point is to always eager to celebrate it. Good habits, tradition, mentality or spirituality direct us to consider the Lord’s day as Sunday obligation, and this is the way of life of the Church which is accepted and followed by its members. Formerly, this aspect of obligation was not on Sunday, but the sabbath, which is Saturday, so that the Pharisees and the scribes observed it faithfully, even they did it with exaggeration. They dared to rebuke the disciples of Jesus and also Jesus himself who dared to defile the obligation of the Sabbath.

Our obligation for Sunday worships has a point. If it is simply an ordinary activity or even downgraded to a level of mere choice, then it loses its meaning as God’s law. As a result of course our churches will be empty. A more important consequence is the welfare of the souls will be in danger. Parishioners in the villages are generally farmers, fishermen and workers. On every Sunday, they carry out their Sunday obligations as their first and foremost activity, after that they will do works in farms, in the fields or at the sea.

There are many other examples by different people and in different places that show how obedience to the Lord’s day is irreplaceable. However, as it was said earlier about the excessive implementation of the style of the Pharisees, of course it must be avoided. For example, on a Sunday there was a fire in your own home. The first action is a matter of home and family affairs that must be saved, although Sunday worship may be left behind. So in matters relating to human safety, Sunday itself is actually expressed through our love for humanity.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O Lord, we dedicate ourselves to be faithful in worshiping You. Bless all our acts of worship, so that we can express our faith correctly. Hail Mary … In the name of the Father …

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